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I'm posting my book as I'm writing it a chapter at a time.  
When I'm finished writing, it will disappear from the blog and go on sale on Amazon.

Sanctuary is a half-way house for the spiritually awakening. Many mystical, metaphysical and magical events happen to the people who live there and the people who show up for Sandy Penny's help and guidance. Navigating the fine line between reality, fantasy, dementia and muli-dimensionality makes the journey psychically precarious and fascinating.

Based on a true story, magical realism cascades into the veiled world of the past, present and the creative plane of existence.

"Sandy, I just finished reading the rest of your posted chapters. I cannot wait to see more, I was at the edge of my seat. Your writing is very engaging. You are doing a great job telling your story. I'll bet everyone else is enjoying it as well." ~Claire 

"You keep me enthralled, partly because of interest, it's well written but also because I thought I was alone with my experiences. Thanks" ~Maria