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What can sandy penny / writingmuse, do for you?

Sandy Penny is many things to many people. In this quick-change web environment, you have to easily adapt as the web changes. That goes for writing, editing, marketing, publishing and website strategies, intuitive visions, and personal growth practices. A depth and breadth of skills, a well-informed big-picture vision, understanding all facets of launching a web business and experience doing it all are valuable strengths for clients who want their businesses to take wings and soar. When you hire Sandy, you get a broad range of skills and experience informed by intuition, vision and creativity.

5 stars - I Was Swept Away, Wonderful Story! - Review by Anna Wells - This novelette swept me off my feet and took me into a magical world where spirits are real, where guidance comes from above, where meditations are a matter of lifestyle, and most importantly, where people are open-minded, genuinely sympathetic, calm and kind. In the end, Fairy Folk and human mediums work as Anna’s allies and help her release a new soul, ‘a Light Child’ into the world, thus ending the painful, disastrous past and letting her regain control over her present.

Sandy Penny is decicated to helping small heart centered businesses launch on the web with beautiful, functional, successful websites that draw clients, ignite action and build repeat business. Get as little or as much help as you need for lift off.