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The Dream Lane ...

When the internet was first launched, I hosted an AOL dream interpretations chat experience called The Dream Lane. I helped thousands of people connect with the meanings of their dreams for them personally, using intuition and individual / collective symbology. There are some collective dream images that usually mean the same thing, although they may have different emotions and tones for each individual. And, there are individual images that mean something specific, based on a person's past experiences. There are several levels to all dreams: the physical, emotional, spiritual and astral/akashic records. Repetitive dreams especially deserve to be examined for self-growth, healing and spiritual connection. 

If you would like to discuss your dreams and their meanings to your life, I offer training, insight, wisdom and intuitive guidance. 

and donate any amount. She will quickly
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COVENANT OF THE DOVE by Sandy Penny . A Sanctuary Adventure 

Sanctuary is a half-way house for the spiritually awakening. Many mystical, metaphysical and magical events happen to the people who live there and the people who show up for Sandy Penny's help and guidance. Navigating the fine line between reality, fantasy, dementia and multi-dimensionality makes the journey a precarious and fascinating one. In Covenant of the Dove, Ana White has just been through a harrowing experience that has her family considering committing her. Ana is certain that she's quite sane and only needs spiritual assistance to sort out what happened to her. She shows up on Sanctuary's doorstep in a depleted condition desperate for completion and closure with Columb Cunradh, an Irish doctor with whom she fell desperately in love. Based on a true story, the magical realism cascades into the veiled world of the past, present and the creative plane of existence.