SOUL CANDY: Sandy Penny creates affirmations and seed thoughts to help you move your spiritual process with ease and flow. Feel free to copy and post these on your desktop background, mirrors, refrigerators, bulletin boards and other places that will help you remember to stay focused on positive creation. Please include this link if you post online: Come back often to see the newest posts. To download, right click the image and choose "save image as" and save it to your computer.  

encourage one another meme
I trust my iner wisdom - louise hay quote
Finding your inner solutions - deepak chopra
Trust the magic of beginnings meme
May you always remember your soul's purpose
Albert Einstein quote
Love colorful pic
Life is a balancing act meme
The White Wolf Calls Out to the Universe, wolf, moon, purple, meme
Some of My Favorite Inspirational, Mind Bending, Consciousness Expanding Books
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